JUNE 2018


Jaye Maynard

By Graham McCarty

❛❛ If you skate, you would be great if you could make a figure eight.
That's a circle that turns 'round upon itself.
Place it on its side and it's a symbol meaning infinity... ❜❜

Perhaps you remember this simple tune from School House Rock. Maybe it even taught you how to multiply by eight. But for performer Jaye Maynard, it did far more. As Jaye puts it, when she first heard the song...



By Patricia Ripley


We are having a prolonged, cool Spring, so try to stay active (and dry). There is a lot of dampness, and that can bring conditions that may lead to respiratory and arthritic maladies. Continue to dress warmly and do not become inactive.

We did not speak that much in my article last month about Earth Day so I want to spend a short time on that very important subject. I have some info regarding what we can do to help keep our planet less polluted and more livable for all our Earth citizens...


By Jeannie Ripley-Grier

Hi. My first year of college is coming to an end. On Sunday May 20th I played in the band during commencement and got to see all of the seniors graduate.

Congrats to everyone graduating this year! It has been a very interesting and exiting year. I have learned a lot, especially about being a commuter...