A Message

Dear Family, Friends, Staff and Valued Clients


Let's Make the first day of Spring a positive event even during a stressful atmosphere as It represents life renewal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an executive order yesterday, a "stay at home" directive. A measure to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  He is moving forward to help us stem the spread of the Coronavirus and the possible shortage of equipment, personnel and services to our citizens. The program is called "PAUSE"  Policies, Assure, Uniform, Safety, Everyone.
By placing New York State on "Pause" he is directing New Yorkers to keep social distance ie; do not go out unless it is absolutely necessary. No public gatherings. Folks should only go out for essential reasons. Along with the familiar, "wash your hands, sanitize your space, cover coughs, practice social distancing, self isolate,"  adding:: help your immune system: Vitamins (C), eat well, sleep well & get fresh air. Deepak Chopra adds: Meditate/practice controlled breathing, 6 seconds in, hold for 2, out in 4
Ripley-Grier Studios will close until deemed safe to open.  We fully realize the hardship this may place on our loyal clients who use our space to teach and create.  We originally stayed open using all necessary precautions to keep safe to enable our teachers and instructors to continue to earn their income  Now we need to protect our staff, clients and their families and friends.
We will miss your singing and dancing, your acting and your performing at our spaces, but as we look forward to the future, we're already working on some exciting ideas to bring everyone together during this time and moving forward energetically once the spread of the virus is under control. 

We will continue to be active on Social Media, sharing resources for performers, teachers and freelancers as we become aware of them. Check our website for updated information and please continue to follow us on Social Media to stay up-to-date on news from the studio and our community. We are setting up our contact hours and will have them announced by Monday 3/23.  All future bookings or any questions you might have about billing or cancellations can be answered when that system is up and running., In the meantime, you can email us at sales@ripleygrier.com or stas@ripleygrier.com.

Please be safe and follow the guidelines our medical advisors and governmental officials are giving us. We all have a crucial role to play in preventing the spread of this virus. 

We have been operating our rehearsal studios in New York City since 1987 and have grown and prospered due to the extraordinary, professional and talented clients who have chosen us to express their creativity and the amazing staff who have hosted our locations.  We are supporting our staff as much as possible and will patiently await the day we re-open to serve our incredible group of clients. Use this time to bond with your families, do the deep cleaning you have put off, clear your clutter, play games, binge some missed shows, text, email and call all your loved ones who cannot be with you and reconnect with a Time before when we had the time to do so. 
Winston Churchill said  "when you are going through hell, keep going".
"Better and better every day in every way" - Mantra 
With love and respect,
Patricia Ripley, Butch Grier, Shayne Grier, Jeannie Ripley-Grier