We'd like to offer a special 'Thank You!' to our clients, staff and friends who helped us raise $550 to donate to the Long Island Polar Bears ($50 more than last year)! All proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 
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The honey-bees are buzzzzzing    
and the flowers are in bloom.
It's time to come to Ripley-Grier 
and be creative in a room. 
Yes! Spring is in the air, and soon   
the weather will be great.  
We'll see you at the studios!   
Relax. Explore. Create. 
Graham McCarty
RG Creative Director
If you've had the good fortune of passing Rhonda Malkin in the halls here at Ripley-Grier, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've seen her somewhere else before. Perhaps you caught her dancing up a storm with Matthew Broderick in the film version of The Producers, performing with Robin Williams at The Academy Awards, or jamming with Panic! At the Disco at the VMAs. And if you happen to be President Obama or First Lady Michelle, you even saw her dance in the East Wing of the White House. These are just a few of the notable performances from Rhonda's impressive career. Her journey began in California, where she spent some time as a Laker Girl (she even got a championship ring), and in 2005 she made the move to NYC after nailing her audition for the Rockettes. She went on to rock Radio City Music Hall for 12 years, 7 of which she performed as a swing - she memorized the dances for all 36 tracks!
In the time she's lived in New York, she has also taught dance in many schools around the city, started a family with her husband, Doug, and created her own fitness method, FUSION EXERCISE (which was featured in SHAPE and Dance Magazine and is a favorite of many of her celebrity clients). But here at Ripley Grier, she might be most famous for her sold-out Professional Dance Audition Workshops, which are incredibly effective. Many students of hers have gone on to perform on Broadway, national tours, international tours, Cirque du Soleil, NBA dance teams, JUBILLEE! in Las Vegas, Beyoncé music videos, international cruise ship shows, and of course, with the Rockettes! At this point, she's trained 36 of Santa's favorite dancers, which is a record; and coincidentally, the same number of women that are on the line!
Helping dancers achieve their dreams is one of the reason's Rhonda teaches her workshops. She started them 6 years ago, and they've progressed according to demand. She now teaches 4 group workshops per year at various times, but to land a spot you must be quick -the last one sold out in less than 24 hours. If you miss out on a group workshop though, never fear. She also teaches private lessons, which can be even more beneficial for aspiring Rockettes.
"As a professional, your goal is to book jobs, and in order to book jobs you have to continue training and honing those audition skills: staying sharp, learning quickly, performing on-the-spot and being calm in the room. What I realized is that private training helps to increase your learning ability, because when you're by yourself you don't have anyone else to focus on, you have to really remember that combination; Especially with the Rockettes. There are over 500 women that show up for that audition and they go through the first cut at lightning speed. You have about 10 minutes to learn the combination and do it. It's no joke!"
Rhonda teaches and trains 6 to 7 days a week here at RG, and explains that the flexibility of renting space helps eliminate the distractions associated with owning her own studio, allowing her to focus on the craft itself, training the dancers, and doing the absolute best for her clients.
"Thanks to Butch and Patricia for creating a place for all NYC performers to come practice, so that we don't bother our neighbors. And all the staff is just so wonderful and friendly and helpful.
RG has the best rehearsal studios in the city, and that reputation has helped me build my business and reflects well on me as a teacher. I'm doing my business in the best place that New York City has to offer! It hosts the biggest and most reputable auditions and you rub shoulders with the best-of-the-best and the most professional artists in the business. When that happens you know that you're in the right place!" 
Thanks for choosing Ripley-Grier as your teaching headquarters, Rhonda! You Rock!!!
If you're interested in training with Rhonda, there are several ways to reach her:
Email: FusionExercise33@gmail.com
Or find her on Facebook / Instagram 


April 20th (10am - 1pm)
 RG 520 8th Avenue 
16th Floor Lobby

Kick off the Spring season with new career focus, energy, dedication & a clear plan to achieve your goals. In this on-the-spot Q&A opportunity, Annie can help you identify a career focus for the next 6 months, provide insight on making your marketing tools more effective, and give you innovative self-promotional techniques.
Happy Spring!? It's still cold. 
I usually enjoy the cooler temperatures, but it's time for some warm weather. 
I went to my first baseball game of the season on 4/8 with my family. It was the Yankees vs The Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium. The game was tied (7-7) by the end of the 9th inning and we ended up leaving after the 11th inning because it was so cold. The Yankees lost in the 12th inning (8-7). It was disappointing that they lost but I'll be going to some more games during the season and they'll definitely win! 
Looking forward to my friend Valentina's visit this Summer. She will be coming over from Italy in June. In May we are taking a 3-week trip to Scandinavia and Scotland before Valentina comes. My Dad is feeling much better so we're going on our annual vacation then, because I get out of school early.  
      Until next time, Jeannie 
Jeannie is the Daughter of RG owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier

Greetings to all who are waiting for Spring! 
Yesterday nine of our family members went to a Yankees' home game against the Orioles (We lost in the 12th inning). We had to leave early because we were freezing cold and had to head home. What a trying time this is concerning the weather conditions for North-Easterners, unless you are a total 'Winter-sports person' or a 'Snowbird'. Spring is usually very uplifting, but being cold in April is not so great. My flowers are stunted outside and the ones I have in the incubation room in my garage are struggling to make it 'til they can be transplanted outdoors. Still when the sun is out and the wind is down, the warmth is hopeful.
Advice: Get outside when it is over 40 degrees and sunny. It is good for morale and helps you avoid 'cabin Fever'. Stay active, eat well, watch some great movies, do some gardening and prepare for a great (late) Spring & Summer. 
We are getting over a health scare that Butch had in March. He is doing much better. We ended up going to Key West for a 5 day breather and we're planning a new trip to Scandinavia in the late Spring.
Feng Shui Advice: Go to a Chinese horoscope website and learn more about your particular sign (remember it is the Year of the Dog) and see how that relates to you after you have determined what sign you were born under. We are continuing our spring-cleaning by clearing clutter in our office and home environment (especially concentrating on nothing underfoot or overhead). Clean closets and other storage areas and give away, donate, sell or toss items that no longer give you joy. Make gifts of keepsakes that have value. Give joy to others that way.  
      See you in a month! 
  Regards, Patricia