Happy October!!!
It's time to put on crazy costumes and face our fears. Of course.. here at RG, Actors, Dancers and Singers put on crazy costumes and face their fears every day. But on Halloween, it's nice to know that we're all doing it together!
See you at the studios.
RGNY is proud to sponsor Davenport Theatrical's annual Networking Event:
Nov. 16th & 17th (Saturday and Sunday) Join 500+ Theatre-Makers for a Weekend of connection on November 16th & 17th. Tickets still available. Hope to see you there!
Ripley-Grier Studios is proud to present:
Located at RG 520 8th Ave. (16th Fl)
Stop by and grab some coffee and a bite to eat; and while you're here, treat yourself to an automatic foot-massage or experience a full-body massage in our fancy massage chair. Complimentary socks and bottled water provided.
Over the past month, we raised $300 for World Central Kitchen, a wonderful organization that is currently providing fresh food and meals for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.
Thanks so much to our clients and friends for your generous donations.
Visit wrk.org to learn more about World Central Kitchen.
Wednesday Nov. 13th 520 8th Ave. 16th FL. 4pm - 6pm
Join career coach Annie Chadwick and Up-to-Date Actor creator, Abigail Hardin, for an in-depth approach to being the "CEO of YOU Inc" and how the Up-to-Date Actor, a new digital resource, can aid you in targeting the agents / managers / casting directors / projects who are seeking your unique talent. This free workshop will include an open Forum with Annie on current career building strategies that will help you move your career to the next level. Come with your business of acting questions ready and Annie will do the rest.
Welcome to the Fall season! 
My birthday was October 2, I am now 73 years old. Wow what a life so far. I celebrate my birthday for the whole month of October. This year I went to Montauk for 5 days on a sabbatical. I used to go with Jeannie and we would celebrate our birthdays together, but she is very involved with college activities and could not come. So I decided to go it alone and really remove myself from the stresses of my everyday life. It was great. Last year I did the same when at the last minute Jeannie said she had activities and could not come. I had hotel reservations I could not cancel so I went. I was lonely and it was difficult, but I adjusted and this year I decided to go alone on purpose. It was a good decision. I purchased an iPad and learned how to use it. Took a ukulele and a harmonica. I went wave riding and ate at great seafood places.
I drove all over in our yellow Camaro convertible and it was such fun. I make Montauk a destination at least two times a year. Montauk and Key West are my favorite waterfront towns. On the way back home we always stop at World Pie in Bridgehampton and order a Patti’s Pie, it is a tradition.  
This past month has been challenging. Butch was planning to go to Oklahoma on 9/19 for a family meeting with his sisters, sister in law and neice to discuss strategy about the care of his younger brother Larry.  Larry had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in his 50’s and was doing poorly. Unfortunately two days before Butch was to leave Larry passed. That was September 17th and the trip became a funeral trip. I joined him a day later and we spent the weekend with family. September 18th was Jeannie’s 20th birthday and we did not get a chance to celebrate. On top of that our beloved 13 year old cat, Savannah, died on the 18th. Butch left the19th and I flew out on the 20th. (a 10 hour weather delayed trip.) When we came home Monday we were both drained. The Montauk trip a couple of weeks later was a welcome break.
Being the teacher that I am, I began to seek out lectures and courses online having to do with Alzheimers so I can pass it on to friends, students and family. Alzheimers is a form of Dementia, a brain disease with symptoms that usually show up later in life, but the condition has beginnings in mid life and even in one’s twenties. It has to do with sleep habits, nutrition, hormonal imbalances, stress, lack of exercise, environmental factors, (genetics can play a part), exercising/staying fit, eating nutritionally (non processed) foods, sleeping at least 8 to 9 hours per night (that is when the brain rejuvenates) staying away from harmful environmental pollutants including harmful drugs (prescribed and not), practicing some sort of relaxation/meditation exercises, doing challenging brain activities, and life attitudes. My advice is to start now to achieve a healthier lifestyle, because the alternative is unbearable.  
                                                                                                       Regards,  Patricia
Cardio, stretching, core conditioning, resistance workout (with hand weights), abdominal & back strengthening.
Special End-of-Season Sale!
New students get the first class for $5.00 
See our class schedule above! Participate in the “best class of it’s kind in New York”, (Bob Audy). The class is small and geared toward older fitness students, younger beginner students or folks who want to get back in shape.  
Hope to hear from you!
Email patripleyny@gmail.com for more info
Happy fall everyone!
It’s almost Halloween! I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes. It’s so much fun walking around my college campus seeing everyone all dressed up. This year I’m planning to dress up as Miles Morales from the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
I’m already a month into my classes for the fall semester of my junior year at college. I’ve  had a lot of work to do, but my classes are fun and very interesting. I’m taking a TV related class for my major, two music related classes for my minor, and geography as a distribution class. I also registered for classes for next semester. I’ll be taking two TV classes and biology for my last distribution class, and I will hopefully be adding more classes soon.  
This past month I went to see half.alive at Webster Hall and AJR at Radio City…yes.
Cheering on the Yankees as always!!
Jeannie is the Daughter of RGNY Owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier
Happy Birthdays to Ripley-Grier Studios
Co-Founder /CEO Patricia Ripley
and RG Staffer, William Deloatch.
Oct. 18th-20th at
The Hotel New Yorker
NewLife is honored to present to you some of the most sought after experts in health, wellness, enlightenment, metaphysics and spirituality. These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!
Visit newlifeexpo.com for more info
Please Donate at the front desk
at any RGNY location.
Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy!