...and Congratulations, Tony Award Winners!
How extremely lucky we are to work in an industry that so proudly embraces equality & diversity, and whose duty it is to examine and improve the human experience.
Let us proudly move forward and continue to support and celebrate each other's uniqueness through our art.
See you at the studios.

June 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the "Stonewall Uprising", three nights of rioting at an historic gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village that is widely viewed as a turning point in the modern fight for LGBTQ+ civil rights.

Greetings! We are into the month of June and summer is on it's way. We are celebrating World Pride Month and New York is having events all month to support our LGBTQ+ community. My town of Long Beach is hosting the Long Island Pride week for the third year and what a great week it will be.. Lots of food, parades, music and fun events.
The weather is perfect for biking, swimming, sailing, golfing and surfing. Just get out and walk in this glorious sunny weather. The flowers are blooming and we are going to harvest potatoes, peppers and tomatoes this year; plant a few herbs and spices and use them to create wonderful salads. Eating lighter and working out go together. Don't forget to wear your sunscreen!
We are off to Europe and will be back to celebrate the 4th of July. We are going to see the Yankees play the Red Sox in Wembley Stadium in London at the end of June. We will be experiencing the cultures (and food) of Portugal, Spain, France and England.
Celebrating the best of other cultures. See you soon.
Best Regards, Patricia
Special Summer Sale!
All new students get the first class for $5 (normally $20 per class) and a 10% discount on groups of classes, (10, 20 or 30 classes) See our class schedule above! Participate in the “best class of it’s kind in New York”, (Bob Audy). The class is small and geared toward older fitness students, younger beginner students or folks who want to get back in shape.  
Hope to hear from you!
Email PatripleyNY@gmail.com for more info
Bad People
A New Play -
By Kati Schwartz
Friday, July 5th
Dixon Place Mainstage
161A Chrystie St.
New York, NY 10002
(Featuring RGNY's own Alejandro La Rosa)
A hilarious and poignant window into the mind of a grief stricken young woman. Using dry humor, unabashed nerdism and cartoon dinosaurs, audiences are given a glimpse into the harrowing process of healing and acceptance.
Happy June!
Last month I visited my family in Albany again. This time I stayed for a whole week -- the longest amount of time I've spent up there. I got a matching tattoo with my mom. It goes all the way around my wrist like a bracelet (it's my 6th tattoo).
When I got back from Albany, I went to my 4th Twenty One Pilots concert at the Barclays Center. My friend Rayleene visited New York and went to the concert with me, and then stayed at my house for a couple days before leaving. The concert was so much fun, we had the best seats I've ever had at a Twenty One Pilots concert. We were in the first row of the lower bowl and the closest section to the stage. It was Rayleene's first time to see them live. She loved it!
I am about to leave on my 3 week vacation to Europe. I will be going to Portugal, Spain, France and England with my parents. I will write about my trip in next month's newsletter. See you soon. Jeannie
Jeannie is the teenage Daughter of RGNY Owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier
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The Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Please show your support at the front desk at any RGNY location. Thank you!
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday, Dear 
Eric, Candaice, Sandra, Shayne, Veronica, Charlie and Emi.
Happy Birthday to you... and many more!