August is National Wellness Month!
As part of RG's Wellness Initiative this month, we'll be sprucing up the studios! You might see members of our Creative Team at each RG location fixing things, replacing signs and giving general attention to detail.
We are currently working on renovating the cafe at our 520 8th Ave. location, and we've completed the initial renovation and beautification of our 72nd Street location.
Over the next few weeks, you'll notice more and more improvements as we continue to focus on the state of "wellness" here at RG.
This month we are also celebrating 2 of our most beloved employees: Rose Milan (Cafe Manager) and Melanie Hughes (Assistant Manager), who after many years of service and friendship, are moving on. We'll miss them and wish them nothing but the best!!!
Be well! See you at the studios.
Please feel free to make a donation to The Make-A-Wish Foundation at any RGNY location. Also... all proceeds from RG pens, water bottles, totes, and "gently used" clothing will continue to benefit this wonderful organization.
Visit Wish.org for more information
Bad People
A New Play - 
By Kati Schwartz
Monday, Sept. 16th 
Dixon Place Mainstage
161A Chrystie St.
New York, NY 10002
(Featuring RGNY's own
Alejandro La Rosa)
A hilarious and poignant window into the mind of a grief stricken young woman. Using dry humor, unabashed nerdism and cartoon dinosaurs, audiences are given a glimpse into the harrowing process of healing and acceptance.
I hope you're having a beautiful summer! Our beach weather is great and I have been boogie boarding at least three times a week. Also, we are biking and walking more. My classes are going well in our newly renovated West 72nd Street spaces. Stop by and check it out!
August is Wellness Month. As part of that observance, I would like to give some tips on teeth and skin health. I happen to have very good teeth, but when I went to the dentist they found that I wasn't cleaning well enough and was developing pockets of infection. Whew! No one wants to hear that! So I stepped up my routine and bought an electric toothbrush and a waterpik. Here is the advice. Before bed, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, floss, then waterpik (The investment in these tools will save you thousands of dollars $$$ in dental bills). It takes about 6-7 minutes and it really makes a difference. Do it every night! You don't want to sleep with food in your teeth, which decays and can cause infection. In the AM brush to get out any acidic residue (also rinse with a mouthwash). Brushing after a meal or flossing when possible is also beneficial. Schedule regular dental cleanings and exams. One of the biggest reasons my teeth are in good shape, however, is the fact that I have not have a soda in 40 years. That stuff rots and discolors your teeth. If I drink coffee, I rinse my mouth afterwards.
Skin care, especially for your face and neck is so important as you age. I mentioned that I was a personal trainer to Georgette Klinger - one the pioneers in skin care. She tutored me. The sun is good for our vitamin absorption but not for our skin, so do not go into the sun without sunscreen of at least 15 SPF. It is in most moisturizers. If you are out in the sun for an extended period of time use the highest SPF you can find. At night wash your face gently with a mild facial cleanser (not soap) and lukewarm water (not hot - hot water removes healthy oils). Once a week use a exfoliant. I massage the cleanser onto my face and neck with my hands. Then I use a facecloth to remove the cleanser with lukewarm water ( a new face cloth every day). I rinse by splashing my face with lukewarm water one or two times and then cool water two times to close the pores. Blot dry with a clean face towel (change it weekly). Next I use an astringent (I make my own). I use Witch Hazel and water 50/50 in a small spray bottle. Spray it on let it 1/2 dry and put on moisturizer. At night I use a night moisturizer, and eye cream and a throat/décolletage cream (Got too much sun as a young person so I have skin damage). Try to use a cleansing/tightening masque once a month. Get a professional facial a couple of times a year. Invest in good makeup that will not clog your pores, and remove it at night, do NOT go to bed with makeup on no matter how tired you are. Coupled with regular exercise (for circulation) I have found that this type of routine has helped me keep my skin in good shape.
PS. Excessive drinking especially smoking will cause premature wrinkling. In addition, I always recommend finding a good dermatologist and getting an exam once a year to reduce your risk of melanoma. Any questions you can email me at pripley@ripleygrier.com
Enjoy the rest of the Summer! Patricia
Special Summer Sale!
All new students get the first class for $5 (normally $20 per class) and a 10% discount on groups of classes, (10, 20 or 30 classes) See our class schedule above! Participate in the “best class of it’s kind in New York”, (Bob Audy). The class is small and geared toward older fitness students, younger beginner students or folks who want to get back in shape.  Hope to hear from you!
Email PatripleyNY@gmail.com for more info
My summer vacation is finally coming to an end, and it's time to get ready to go back to school. This has been a great summer but I'm looking forward to starting my third year of college.
This past month I visited my family upstate again. In July, some of my family from Oklahoma came to visit us. We went to a Yankees/Rockies game. Also, we went to see the musical Oklahoma! at the Circle in the Square. It was a great show and nothing like I've ever seen before. We all enjoyed it (and the meal afterwards at Del Friscos). In August I also saw the Mets vs. Phillies with friends.
Currently I am following the Yankees season very closely.
This summer I'm working at Ripley-Grier Studios/520, so if you see me around give me a wave. If you want to know what I look like, check out my wall of pictures outside of 16U.                                                        -Jeannie
Jeannie is the teenage Daughter of RGNY Owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier
Happiest of Birthdays to RG Staffers
Zakee, Tony, Nesha, James & Cynthia.