Happy September!!!
For me, summer is a time for relaxation and adventure. And although it's hard to say farewell to those long, sunny days, I'm always excited when fall comes around. There's a crispness to the air that inspires creativity and urges me to get started on the things I've been dreaming about since July. I hope you had some wonderful summer adventures. Now it's time to get back to work. You provide the creativity, we'll provide the space!
See you at the studios.
Ripley-Grier Studios is proud to present:
Located at RG 520 8th Ave. (16th Fl)
Stop by and grab some coffee and a bite to eat; and while you're here, treat yourself to an automatic foot-massage or experience a full-body massage in our fancy massage chair. Complimentary socks and bottled                                                  water provided.
We are accepting donations at the front desk (at all RG locations) for World Central Kitchen, a wonderful organization that is currently providing fresh food and meals for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.
Now, less than two weeks after initially making landfall, WCK is serving 30,000 meals a day in Nassau, Abaco and Grand Bahama. 
They are committed to doing whatever it takes to get food to the people who need it most, whether that is by boat, plane or helicopter. 
We will continue to a accept donations at RG through the month of September. Also... all proceeds from RG pens, water bottles and "gently used" clothing will benefit this wonderful organization.
This week we celebrate the life of Larry Zickefoose (Brother of RG owner - Butch Grier).
Larry was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 16, 1959, to Raymond Zickefoose and Ida (Perryman) Zickefoose. Following his graduation from High School, he attended college for about two years. Larry became a 1st Class Stationary Engineer for Tulsa Tech and worked for them for 36 years. Whatever needed repair at any campus, Larry knew what to do and who to call. He was married to Pamela Ackley in Tulsa on October 23, 1993. They were able to have almost 26 wonderful years together. Larry had many hobbies and activities that kept him busy. He enjoyed road track racing, fishing, art work, and especially the times he could be with his family. Larry loved going with his brother Butch to the stunt driver track. He will be greatly missed by both family and friends.
Greetings! Hope you are enjoying this wonderful September. It is the best month out here in Long Beach as the crowds are gone, the water is still warm and the temperature is very comfortable. I am still going wave riding and hope to end my boogie boarding season with a 4 day trip to Montauk to celebrate my birthday. 
In the current atmosphere, regarding the seriousness of World Climate Control, I would like to give some information that will help all of us contribute in our particular ways to helping our planet combat this very important situation. We have known about the climate crisis for our whole adult lives; some small and large efforts were initiated. However, our situation is accelerating and we need to step up our efforts. So here are some actions that can be done by all of us. Please take these small steps to heart and see what you can do personally to get the momentum rolling:
Save water - Do not brush your teeth with running water, take short showers (and not too often as per my last article). Wash and rinse dishes conservatively and if you have a dishwasher, use the lower energy setting. Make sure your plumbing is working. No running toilets or dripping faucets (it's a Feng Shui belief that plumbing issues indicate health and wealth problems ie. plumbing represents the heart and circulatory systems; and regarding wealth - "money down the drain"). Contribute to RG's water conservation efforts and put partially empty commercial water bottles in the receptacles provided so we can water our plants. Promote local efforts to conserve water. Carry and use a reusable water bottle (clean it often). Use personal coffee mugs. Avoid using "single use" plastic bags; carry a tote with you when shopping; and if you do have to use a plastic bag, re-use it as a trash bag or when you dispose of it tie it in a knot or cut it up so it does not become a wildlife danger or blow around in land fills (the knotting keeps it from becoming a sail - thank you Shawny, from Maui). Recycle rinsed recyclable containers, no lids. No broken glass. Nothing with food in it. Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper plates, etc. Large items, electronics and oil/gas waste needs to be disposed of as per local guidelines. Use paper, corn or bamboo straws, encourage your local food markets, restaurants and vendors to do the same, and ask them to use recyclable carry out food containers, not styrofoam.
Avoid aerosols (use natural pumps), and do not use toxic chemicals for bug sprays, insect and vermin poisons. Plant green vegetation whenever and wherever possible. Three plants in the bedroom filters the air for you when sleeping. Plants are natural air purifiers. If you have any property, plants trees (we all need to make up for the Amazon loss). If you have a window sill, balcony, yard etc.. plant plants (can't have too much oxygen). 
Join an organization or contribute to one. If you buy a car and can afford it, purchase an electric one. Bike instead of using your car for simple shopping trips. Take public transportation when possible. Promote wind and solar power. Join or contribute to an organization that deals with climate problems and solutions. Keep up to date with world events and organizations - Follow the US Climate Strikes Call-to-Action on September 20th. #ClimateStrike
Go Green!!
Special End-of-Summer Sale!
New students get the first class for $5.00 
See our class schedule above! Participate in the “best class of it’s kind in New York”, (Bob Audy). The class is small and geared toward older fitness students, younger beginner students or folks who want to get back in shape.  
Hope to hear from you!
Email patripleyny@gmail.com for more info
Hi everyone! 
I started the fall semester of my junior year of college this month. I got most of my distribution classes out of the way (math, science, history, etc..), so I can finally focus more on classes I'm taking for my major and minor. My major is TV production and studies and my minor is music. This semester I'm taking 5 classes as well as concert band. I'm taking single-camera TV production, music around the world, American music, geography (to fulfill my distribution credits), and a virtual reality storytelling class. So far I'm enjoying my classes, although I already have a lot of work to do. I just turned 20 on September 18th and to celebrate my Mom and I are going to see the Yankees play the Angels on Thursday the 19th at Yankee Stadium. My Mom and Dad bought me an Apple Watch for my birthday..so cool! 
Speak to you next month, Jeannie
Jeannie is the Daughter of RGNY Owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier
Happiest of Birthdays to RG Staffers 
Claire, Nia, Mike, Craig, Ibraima, 
Eddie and Jeannie.