Happy February!
The season of LOVE.
Love yourself.
Love the people who believe in you.
Love your dreams.
Love the challenge.
Love the journey...and hopefully your journey will lead you here.
You bring the dreams; We'll provide the space!
See you at the studios.
Master Tap Teacher
Many people aspire to dance through life, but few figure out how to make that dream come true. Fortunately for all of us here at RG, we have Germaine Goodson, Broadway performer and lifetime member of the dance community, to show us the way.
Germaine began her journey in Philadelphia, where a loving Godmother encouraged her passion for the Arts by supplying her with music and movement classes of all kinds (dance, voice, acting, violin and swimming). Her curiosity led her to pursue a college degree in Child Psychology and an MA in Theatre and Dance. It also led her to California, where she was approached by a dance school to teach lessons after impressing her teachers with her technique. The classes were so successful, they inspired Germaine to return to the east coast, and follow her dream of dancing on Broadway. That dream came true when she crossed paths with legendary choreographer Henry LeTang. He cast her as one of the tap-dancing Rhythm Queens, and Germaine remembers this time fondly: "He brought the three of us together to learn his style and be in all his shows. He hired us for everything!" The Rhythm Queens were in high demand, opening for Cab Calloway and touring with him for nearly a decade when they weren't doing Broadway (Black and Blue, Play On!), Off-Broadway (Back in the Big Town with Harold Nicolas), or playing Vegas (Cotton Club on Parade - another show with Henry LeTang). She also toured internationally and collaborated with everyone from Mercedes Ellington to Maurice and Gregory Hines.
Even though Germaine was busy living her own dream, she never forgot the dancers following in her footsteps. She began teaching tap and jazz-tap to lucky students at Broadway Dance Center, and here, at RG. She's passionate about teaching her students not only how to perfect their technique but to find joy in what they do, as well as learn the importance of being a team player. As Germaine puts it: "I don't do it for the money. I do it just because I love it. It makes me happy! I never wanted to be a star. I just wanted to always work, so I wouldn't be poor, and I wanted to be part of an ensemble. A team!"
In recent years Germaine has focused her energy to primarily teaching & choreography (as a nod to her notable mentors). "I do a lot more choreography now. I've always been surrounded by amazingly talented people who have taught me so much, so I'm always trying to give back what they gave me."
Germaine's love of dance has certainly taken her on many adventures; But if there's one place she calls home, it's right here: "I love the spirit here at Ripley-Grier. I feel at home. It's the most professional place to be! And the staff is so good to everybody. I love the atmosphere... Everyone really reaches out to be of service. I love being here!"
We're proud to say Germaine was one of the first teachers at our 72nd Street location back in the 80's, and with 35 years of teaching and performing under her belt, I think we can agree her legacy is set. But of course it's always good to have a back-up plan, and as expected, this inspiring teacher has a good one. When asked what other career she would choose (outside of the Arts) she said, "In my next life, I'd like to be an Eye Doctor. I believe the eyes are the window to the soul! When you look in someone's eyes, you get to meet their heart... But even if I was an Eye Doctor, I feel like I would somehow find my way back to Ripley-Grier to see if anybody needs glasses or contact lenses." Thanks Germaine, for bringing your passion to our studios. As a dancer, teacher or optometrist, we're always happy to see you around!
You can catch Germaine and fellow Rhythm Queen, Deborah Mitchell (pictured above) in the upcoming Jazz Dance Documentary Transmission.
To contact Germaine or view her class schedule, visit her website at www.GermaineGoodson.net
Interview By Graham McCarty
Keep up your fitness resolutions for the year and make sure you avoid situations that may bring colds and flus your way. Wash your hands often. Stay away from crowded and/or contaminated areas as much as possible. My favorite cold avoidance/reduction over-the-counter medicine is Zicam (oral spray). It helped me cut an "airline cold" in 1/2 of the length and severity.
I use Naturade expectorant for chest congestion. Also, I have recently used the Vicks Vaporub on the feet at night method. I put it on my feet and use a pair of old socks to cover. In severe discomfort I use Nyquil to sleep through the cough and sneeze part of the cold. We all drink out of water bottles at my house, we have filtered water, so we reuse our inside bottles. We mark our bottles so no other member of the family uses the same bottle. We all use the cough and sneeze into the crook of the elbow method and carry tissues and wipes everywhere. I wipe our sink, drawer, fridge and toilet handles with Lysol wipes when one of us has a cold. Change your pillowcases often and change sheets when your cold is diminishing. We all had our flu shots as well. Try to get sun on your face and arms on the "over 40 degree" days for at least 20 minutes. Get out of the house and exercise on those days; this helps boost your immune system in conjunction with at least 8 hours of sleep and plenty of fruits and hydration. Good Luck!!
Winter is moving on and the Year of the "Earth Pig" arrived on Chinese New Year's Day, February 5th. In January's newsletter I gave a brief synopsis of the Pig sign. Now about the year for the planet. According to the Chinese Master that I follow, Edgar Sung, the Year of the Pig will be cooler than normal. Crops will suffer (in the latter part of the year), wars will continue and the cost of living will go up. Some folks will prosper while Pigs themselves may find finances difficult. It is a good time for Pigs to further their education, plan for their future and offer helping hands to others.
Good Luck, Patricia
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Happy Black History Month!
I'm about 2 weeks into my second Spring semester of college and I enjoy my classes so far. My favorite class at the moment is about Producing Television (RTVF74) and the qualities a good Producer should have. We have partners in the class that we work with during the whole semester to make a final project. The final project is to pitch an original show to the whole class! My other classes are German, Astronomy, Mass Media and Geography.
During the Fall 2018 semester, I earned a perfect 4.0 GPA, so I received a certificate, was added to the Provost list at Hofstra, and was honored at a basketball game. This award also helped me ensure the continuation of my Provost Scholarship.
I have a Spring Break coming up and I'm looking forward to spending time with my extended family in Albany.
Wishing everyone an early Spring -- Jeannie
Jeannie is the teenage Daughter of RGNY Owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier
Kelly [1955]
By Blake Allen
Part of NYWinterfest 2019 - Theater Festival Competition
March 5th, 9th and 10th
@ Hudson Guild Theater
441 W. 26th St. NYC
(Featuring RG's own Bobby Lowe) Full of Cold War induced fear, Kelly [1955] is a thriller inspired by true events. When an unknown man visits the matriarch-run, Harrison family farm at dusk, a war ensues - not only a battle of bullets, but one of societal duties and emotional bravery in which the press and police try to solve what truly happened on that sticky night.
For tickets visit www.brownpapertickets.com