Welcome to 2019!
A new year. A new beginning.
Here at RG, we're looking forward to another year being surrounded by creative expression and artistic birth!
Let us know what you're up to! We're here to support & facilitate your endeavors however we can.
You bring the dreams; We'll provide the space!

See you at the studios.


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It's College Audition time again,
and we are honored to have so many prestigious Universities and Conservatories represented here in our studios this week.
The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
DePaul University
Old Globe & The University of San Diego
The University of Northern Colorado
Syracuse University
Carnegie Mellon School of Drama
The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts
Boston University
Welcome All! We're glad that you're here.



Time flies when you're having fun! This year we celebrate 20 years since we acquired our 3rd location at 520 8th Ave. and began the journey to becoming the World's Largest Rehearsal Facility!

Thanks New York City. ...and many more!!!

Hello and Happy New Year!! We are celebrating our 20th year at our 520 location!!
Hope you all had a lovely holiday season. We did a lot of traveling, visiting family & friends. The weather was cold everywhere we went (Oklahoma, California, Mexico and Arizona). Record cold fronts prohibited us from doing any outdoor water activities. I took my boogie board to Santa Monica and Mexico, and it sat in the room. However we found things to do and had a fun time anyway. Jeannie has 6 weeks off from school. When we returned she went to Albany to visit her extended family. She has 4 brothers and a lot of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. She stays with her Birth-Mom and visits with her Birth-Father and a Grandma (who is younger than me). When she gets back, look for her at RG 520 for a week before her Spring semester starts. Our functional fitness classes begin Tuesday (1/15) with Butch's class and mine on Wednesday. Check our schedule and email me if you want to take an introductory class. The class is one of the best movement classes in NYC (Hope a New Year's resolution has to do with health and fitness).
As we visited with friends and family, we realized the gift we have when we are able to spend time with them and re-open our relationships over the years. In Feng Shui, family and positive relationships with others enhances your own personal chi (energy) and keeps you grounded when chaos is surrounding you. Cherish the folks you love, keep your focus on your life and do not be distracted by people and events that toss negative feelings your way.
This is the year of the Pig: people born in the years 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 & 2019 are easy going, nice people that seek universal harmony. They are honest, generous, sociable, strong and passionate. Pigs are hardworking, but fond of pleasure. Self-control can be hard. Problems can result from their over generous nature. Pigs are lucky. Rabbits, Rams & Tigers are most compatible with Pigs.
Best wishes and intentions,
Special New Year Promotional Sale!
All new students get the first class for $5 and a 10% discount on groups of classes, (10, 20 or 30 classes) See our class schedule above! Participate in the “best class of it’s kind in New York”, (Bob Audy). The class is small and geared toward older fitness students, younger beginner students or folks who want to get back in shape.  
Hope to hear from you!
Email PatripleyNY@gmail.com for more info
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone is having a great start to the year. How are your New Year's resolutions going? Don't worry, I forgot about mine too, but my Mom will remind me, no doubt.
To celebrate Christmas, I went to visit my Dad's side of the family in Tulsa, Oklahoma (as always). After that, my parents and I went to Santa Monica, California for New Years as we have done for the past few years. We had trouble with our connecting flight and got stuck in Dallas, but we made it to Santa Monica (just a day late). My friend, Rayleene, joined my parents and I at Universal Studios for the VIP studio tour. We go every year; it's always fun! The next day we went on the Warner Bros. studio tour for the first time. It was a great experience. We got to visit some sound stages for shows like The Big Bang Theory and an exact replica of the Central Perk Cafe from the show Friends !
After the New Year, Rayleene joined my parents and I on a trip to Mexico. I have been to multiple different places in Mexico with my parents but this was the first time I went to Puerto Penasco I was a little chilly and there weren't too many people at the resort but we still had a good time. Rayleene played golf for the 1st time!
On our way home from Mexico we stayed in Phoenix, Arizona for a couple nights. We visited friends, had some great food, and my Mom and I even got matching tattoos. It was her second and my fifth. After the second night in Phoenix, Rayleene flew back home to California and I flew back to New York with my parents. It was a great trip and a great start to the year!
Later, Jeannie
Jeannie is the teenage Daughter of RGNY Owners Patricia Ripley & Butch Grier
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday Dear...
Isabel, Matthew, Tony & Mark!
Happy Birthday to you. And many more!